Marc Jacobs Mod Noir

Marc Jacobs Mod Noir* is a fresh, white floral fragrance perfect for the springtime. The fragrance opens with gardenia and dewy green notes. These notes then make way for a light yet punchy citrus arrangement which then dries down and lingers on the skin along with orange blossom and a hint of musk which rounds out the fragrance and gives it some depth and sophistication.
Inspiration was drawn from the 60's mod fashion which is reflected in the bottle design but not the fragrance itself. The bottle is adorned with alternating black and white stripes before transitioning into a frosted glass. It is topped off with a small, round black lid.
The fragrance itself is beautiful but not one I would normally gravitate towards in store as I much prefer his iconic 'Daisy' line which is a bit lighter and younger. Nonetheless, Mod Noir is a lovely, soft fragrance that I have been using regularly and will continue to use throughout the warmer months.
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