Wake Me Up

Hey guys, sorry I've been MIA for so long, it's been a bit of a whirlwind these past few weeks between zipping all over the country, things heating up at school and just a general loss of love for writing on here. My next post on here is actually my 100th post and that thought really put me off writing because I put so much pressure on myself. You may have also noticed a blog redesign, just a few tweaks here and there but I'm really happy with how it is at the moment.

Anyway, I'm sure you're not here to read all about what I've been up to, you're here to read up about the most photogenic foundation of all time. Just look at it, it's beautiful and photographs so easily, the same goes for when it's on the skin. It just blends beautifully and gives a radiant and healthy glow.

I used it in a recent video where I did my cousins makeup for a festival and when she came home she still looked flawless. I think the radiance is down to the micro shimmer pigments throughout this dreamy base. It's not a disco ball-esque shimmer, just a subtle glow that blurs imperfections and adds dimension to the face. It doesn't break down strangely or wear off the skin. It simply melts into the skin and gives a natural, medium coverage dewy glow.

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