Makeup Geek Blush in Secret Admirer

I've been on the hunt for slightly unconventional blush colours over the past few months and I've been really gravitating towards purples. The average pinks, corals and reds are getting a bit repetitive and I felt like mixing things up a bit so I picked up the Makeup Geek blush in Secret Admirer. It's a very pale lilac which unfortunately my camera wouldn't pick up. It looks very cool in the pan and when applied gives my cheeks a perky boost.

This blush is completely matte, no shimmer in sight and is very soft and pigmented which makes it beautiful to apply. I use a soft, fluffy blush to apply because I like to diffused effect. I've been using this everyday and it just gives a slight edge to an otherwise natural look.

I'm now looking for a deep plum blush with golden shimmer, leave your recommendations down below!
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