Veet Hairy Questions

Veet has always been one of my staple brands. When I first began removing the hair on my legs I was around 13 years old which may be early for some but late for others, it's up to personal preference. I started out with shaving but hated the results as my legs were prickly after 3 days. I quickly switched to Veet wax strips and now currently use the Easy Grip Wax Strips for sensitive skin.
When I first started the hair removal process, I cut up my legs pretty badly because I used a cheap razor and no shaving cream (trust me, it's a very bad idea). It would have been great to have the kind of guidance and internet communities around that there are today to help me through my trial and error period. This is why Veet has launched Hairy Questions. It's a great way to have most of your questions and concerns answered. If you're just getting in to hair removal then I would highly recommend checking out their website as it's full of great information and answers some of the most frequently asked questions without you even asking. 
Veet is offering a Hairy Questions Kit that offers the best of the best when it comes to hair removal. Inside the kit there is a hair removal cream, an in-shower cream (this stuff is seriously fast!), cold wax strips for sensitive skin (my favourite!) and a gentle warm wax. Each product is catered towards different people who expect different results from their hair removal experience. Some people want a fast, quick fix and some want long lasting and silky smooth results. This kit will help you decide which types of products you might like to use all wrapped up into one handy kit!
*This post is sponsored by Veet but all opinions are my own.

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