A Night Away...

On Sunday morning I rolled out of bed at 6:30AM, grabbed my bag, and met my boyfriend at the train station. We headed in to Southern Cross Station in the city, grabbed a coffee and boarded a train bound for Bendigo.
The trip took just under 2 hours and I spent that online, looking at the scenery out the window and listening to music while Rich read his book.
We arrived around midday, wandered around the town centre and then we went off to the Showgrounds Market. It was very similar to other small scale markets and while it was nice to go have a look, I don't think we'd go again. That said, it was much bigger than I expected.
After that we walked back to our hotel, The Schaller Studio which is an ArtSeries hotel. Our room wasn't quite ready so they moved us to an even better room with a great view. 
We were both really tired so we had a rest and decided what we wanted for dinner. While we were at The Schaller Studio they were offering free tours of the hotel and a sausage sizzle which was an awesome little addition.
We walked down to the local pizza place. Luchiano's. I got their in house supreme and Rich got their meatlovers (of course). The price point was great and the pizza was really nice, I'm not too sure what Rich thought about it but I'd definitely recommend it if you're in the area. We ate on the balcony as the evening was really warm. We then cuddled up in bed and watched a film. I fell asleep quite early but got woken up by my own sleep talking (whoops!). There was a lot of giggling involved that night.
The next morning we headed down to The Pantry which is the hotel's cafe which I'm fairly sure is open to the public. Rich had a bacon and egg pita wrap and a coffee which looked quite good and according to him tasted great too (he's quite picky with his coffee). We then packed up and checked out. We walked down to the Bendigo Art Gallery and spent an hour or so wandering around. We then walked around the town centre again looking for a bite to eat before we caught the train home.
All in all it was such a lovely whirlwind trip away and was surprisingly affordable considering we're both students. Sometimes it's great fun to just be whisked away to spend a day in a place you've never been before and it's double the fun to do it with someone you love. 
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