Top 5 Bronzers

Bronzer used to be such a love/hate thing in my books. When I was younger I wore foundation that was a bit too dark for my skin and decided I didn't need any extra bronzing. I have since realised how truly awful that looked and have opted for a foundation that matches my skin with bronzer placed in selected areas to warm up my face.

My favourites are mostly drugstore as I think they have some awesome offerings these days. My favourites include:
1. Rimmel Natural Bronzer
This is probably my longest owned bronzer. I love this so much that whenever I put together a little makeup goody bag for a friend this is almost always in there. It's such an awesome traditional bronzer. It's not too light or too dark or too pigmented or too chalky. Unfortunately the packaging on this really isn't handbag friendly but I almost never travel with makeup anyway. The honey tones in this warm up the face instantly without creating the dreaded oompa-loompa face.
2. Bourjois Delice de Poudre (the chocolate bronzer)
This one is a little more difficult to find in Australia (I picked up mine from ASOS) but it's well worth tracking down. It's a little darker than the Rimmel and more brown but this is my current daily staple. Again, it's quite a simple and traditional bronzer that would be awesome for someone just starting to use makeup or for a more natural look.
3. Revlon Sun Soleil
Easily the most pigmented of the bunch, the Revlon Sun Soleil is quite a new purchase for me but i'm falling in love very fast. The packaging is so slim and compact and is just the most perfect size. The colour is perfect for my skin but it's quite pigmented so it's very easy to overdo. A light hand is a must.
4. Nars Laguna
This cult status bronzer can be found in most beauty blogger's makeup stashes as it's quite universally flattering. It's the most cool toned and the darkest of the bunch so the fairer ladies might not get along so well with this but anyone with light to medium skin, this is for you. It doubles up as a subtle contour while also adding a bit of warmth and glow.
5. The Body Shop Honey Bronzer 01
A favourite of the paler girls, this bronzer comes in quite the range of shades which is quite unusual. I could have probably gone for 02 but I felt that it would be 'just another bronzer' in my stash and wouldn't have been as special. I picked 01 so I could have a bronzer for the cooler months as I often struggle to find something that doesn't look like I've been kicked in the face with a muddy football boot. It adds a very subtle warmth and definition to the face without ever being over the top.