FOA Glamazon Contour Kit

Contouring has become such a big trend in the beauty world over the past 2 years. It feels as if everyone does it now whereas merely months ago it was only seen done professionally by trained makeup artists. With a larger market emerging for contouring products comes an influx of new releases. I've gotten my hands on a few including the Sleek Contour Kit, Illamasqua's Hollow Pigment and my personal favourite combination; the Maybelline Fit Me Shine Free Stick Foundation (phew!) in 330 Toffee and the limited edition Face of Australia Glamazon Contour Kit. I personally love a good contour and think layering products is the way to go. 

I start by perfecting my base and layering the Maybelline offering around my temples, down the sides of my nose, under my cheekbones and jawline and around my hairline and chin. I blend it out with a cosmetic sponge and go in with a contouring powder to deepen the shadow under my cheekbones for a more dramatic look. I pair it with a sheeny highlight and a natural blush for a sculpted look.