Walking On Eggshells

Wet 'n' Wild can be a tricky brand to pick up on Aussie shores, enough said. 

I knew I wanted this trio from the moment I heard that the bottom shade was a dupe for MAC's Naked Lunch, suffice to say, I didn't really want to drop the ridiculous $33 on just one eyeshadow so I figured I'd try this out first.

I picked mine up on sale at BlueScandal for $2.99 not including shipping. BlueScandal is one of those sites I'd recommend if you're looking for a haul, the shipping can get a little pricey but it offers American brands that we can't get cheaply or easily over here.

I really like this trio, I'd definitely say that the bottom shade gets the most love but the other two get some attention too. These shadows are all shimmery and really soft and easy to apply. I like how they emboss the area of the eye it should be applied to into each shadow, I think it would make life so much easier for non-makeup wearers. I tend to ignore the little brushes it comes with but I like how compact it is and how easily it slips into my makeup bag. It's definitely worth picking up.

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