Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum

Let's get straight into this one, shall we? This foundation is awesome.
A light gel-serum texture and light enough coverage that you can just slap it on and go about your day. I normally pair this with a hefty dose of bronzer, a coat or two of mascara and whichever lipstick takes my fancy. The shade range is awesome for fairer skinned girls but I'd love to see some more shades added for the deeper skinned beauties out there, Bourjois unfortunately has a bit of a track record with this. I wear the second lightest shade (52) and it's a tad too light at the moment but once I've bronzed up it looks just fine. I adore how light this feels on my skin and I don't have any problems with this sinking into my pores throughout the day. It's great for those minimal makeup days and is easily applied with a big fluffy foundation brush.

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