The Newest Nars Purchase

I can never seem to resist the allure of the Nars stand. From creamy foundations to soft eyeshadows and of course their blushes that have gained cult status. If the gorgeous matte black packaging isn't enough, then the shade range will surely get you. It seems everyone and their dog has this blush floating around in their stash somewhere. I would say meet Nars Deepthroat but I'm sure you two are already acquainted. Deepthroat is Orgasm's more muted but still shimmery sister. While Orgasm has beautiful gold veining through it, this one is far more appropriate for everyday and is more on the pink side of things. This is a beautiful soft powder blush that would suit fair to medium skintones, meaning that it caters to a wider group of people than Orgasm. While Orgasm is beautiful, I've been reaching for Deepthroat far more and has become my everyday blush which is absolutely amazing considering how much of a blush floozy I am. All in all, if you don't already have this in your stash, have a wander past your local Nars counter and see if they have one in stock. Before you know it, you'll have already handed over your card and will be walking out the door.

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