Small Things To Add To Small Spaces

Adding little things to a room can make a huge difference. A bunch of flowers, a new painting, a candle, a lamp. Small additions can make just as much of an impact to a room as a new piece of furniture in my opinion. Recently, I rearranged the furniture in my room and have noticed a huge difference in the amount of space I have now. I can still fit my double bed, small table and bookshelf but I can now fit another set of drawers to keep all my makeup in and a desk! To spruce up my new desk space I immediately added a lamp, a candle from culture tea* a bunch of flowers, a cute little second hand tea cup that now stores all my rings and a small jar of assorted lollies for study snack breaks (so healthy). I really appreciate having a desk now that I have one. It's my own little space in which I spend a lot of time studying, practicing makeup looks, reading, drawing, editing and writing up posts just like this one.

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