Face Of Australia Face Base Primer

Primers seem to be having their moment to shine right now. Illuminating, hydrating, mattifying, pore filling, oil controlling, weather protecting, you name it, there's a primer for it. Personally I like a refreshing, hydrating primer with a small amount of SPF in it for day time, and an illuminating, pore refining primer with no SPF at night. My personal favourite everyday primer is the Face of Australia Face Base Primer with SPF 15. It's quite a moisturising primer with a fresh lemon-y scent. I find it really does help adhere my base to my skin and fills in pores without that horrible silicone feeling. It's a drugstore product so it definitely won't break the bank and can be bought online. It's definitely not one to be used at night as the SPF will cause a white-cast. When I apply this, I concentrate it on my nose and chin as this is where my base tends to slide off first and I never get any breakouts from it despite these areas being extremely sensitive. It has a light, watery texture and is a dream to apply.

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