Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival

Unless you missed my excessive instagramming you might've heard that I got invited along to the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival for the Australian Graduate's Runway. All in all it was a super fun night comprising of a nice dinner in the CBD before heading out to Central Pier to get a makeup consultation from L'Oreal's make-up artists (which included a bag brimming with L'Oreal goodies). After my consultation I walked out with a refreshing nude lip (shocker) and waltzed my way into the main building and took my seat. Turns out I was sitting just a little behind Natalie Tran from Community Channel, I'm a bit bummed I missed her but I was so distracted by the striking models powering down the runway in their exceptional outfits to notice!
 One of my favourite collections, inspired by voyeurism and film noir, Anna-Marie Gruber's block grey, blue and black ensembles featured small inoffensive cut outs. I found this collection stayed truest to it's inspiration and was highly interesting.
 Chin Hau Tay had men strutting down the runway in deep red velvet and plaid suits, sweaters, shorts, the whole shebang. His inspiration was the male silhouette and teddy bears, oddly enough. I think the outfit on the right is a bit lost on me, it did garner a few giggles from the audience though. I really did love the shape of the jumper on the left however.
 The winner of the collaboration with Target was Edwina Sinclair (left). I've seen some of her designs in the past and enjoyed them but this collection didn't wow me. Inspired by emojis (the little pictures you can use in texts on your iPhone) I found the whole collection very pyjama like and unfortunately a little washed out in my opinion. Wing Chiang however (right) brought out a stunning collection inspired by suicide culture in Japan. I felt the collection didn't match up to the inspiration and instead gave off a very 50's housewife vibe with conservative skirts, collars and sheer aprons. This outfit was one of my favourites of the entire show, the print reminds me of goldfish swimming around a pond.
 Gabrielle Brown brought out a crisp white collection adorned with detailing created on a 3D printer, how cool! Simple strappy sandals were the way to go and all in all I think this collection is simply beautiful and elegant.
 Juliette Booth's collection was a fierce contender for my favourite collection of the night. Quilted fabrics in edgy patterns screams Topshop and I'm a-ok with that. Caps, chunky watches, hightops, grungy shapes and hooded tops were featured quite heavily and given the chance I would wear the jumper pictured above until it was threadbare.

 Lillian Chan's collection was my favourite, surprise, surprise. This collection showcased entirely street-appropriate pieces featuring an array of fabrics, shapes and textures from girly pink-beige leather jumpers and white shorts to lime green coats with crop tops and hot pants. Nude heels were a must so to not distract from the stunning clothes. The brighter pieces reminded me of one of my favourite shops, Glassons. 10/10, it's love.
 Molly Younger, Roxane Chang, Tan Thanh Trieu, Victoria Thaniotis
 These collections, while all beautiful in their own way, didn't particularly stand out to me. Tan's collection feautured a beautiful forest green inspired by the Vietnamese passport and architecture. Victoria entitled her collection 'Reform' and was inspired by minimalism. I liked the inclusion of glove in Molly's collection, it gave an air of sophistication and Roxane's collection gave me a very workaday vibe.
 In terms of running themes throughout the collections, there were a lot of draping back cut outs and relatively high necked attire, no plunging necklines to be seen. The models all had their hair slicked back and had metallic golden eyebrows and high glowing cheekbones. Now I just need to find a way to make golden eyebrows wearable...
 Another collection worth having a poke around, Yan Wang's entirely monochrome men's collection consisted of eye catching prints and huge cat eye sunglasses, very cool. It reminded me of what the oompa loompa's wore during Mike Teavee's shining moment in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. 

 On my nails I wore Rimmel Salon Pro in Classic Red, Topshop's Pillow Talk* (later changed to L'Oreal's Nude) on my lips and a very warm brown smokey eye using my sleek palettes. My eyelashes are from Ardell*.
 I wore a jumper from Surf, Dive n Ski*, Factorie leather trousers, top from Miss Shop for Myer, a watch from Q&Q, bag from Forever New and shoes from London Rebel. I have to say, for a good few hours in heels I was surprisingly comfortable.

This post is not sponsored but I did attend the festival free of charge, some of the links above may be affiliate links. I would like to thank Virgin, Target and L'Oreal for letting me come along, I had an absolute ball!