Sanctuary Spa Hot Cloth Cleanser

It's not often that my skin doesn't get along with a product, I find. In general my skin isn't all that temperamental other than needing some sort of SPF each day to keep me from getting burned. Other than that it can take an absolute battering. Why am I telling you this I hear you ask? Well it's to show that it's not often a new product I try irritates my skin.

I had heard such lovely things about Liz Earle's Cleanse & Polish which is damn hard to get over here for a reasonable price so I thought I'd try a local alternative to see if I enjoyed the concept. Spoiler alert: I loved the concept, really disliked the product. There's just something so relaxing in cleansing your face using a balm or oil at the end of the day, I figured this would perform in that same way. But perform in the same way it did not. For one it was thick. Like, really thick. It was borderline uncomfortable to use and you certainly couldn't rely on it to properly remove your makeup. Next it left an oily residue which I ended up removing with my regular cleanser but one night I left it, just to see how my skin would react. Volcanoes is the best descriptive word I can use in this situation. I got the mother of all breakouts (TMI, I know).

So, in all honesty, this is one to avoid when shopping on the high street. Unless the look you're going for involves super oily, dirty and blemished skin in which case this is the cleanser for you!

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