Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Moisturiser

It took me a while to get around to picking this up. Origins doesn't seem to appeal to me as much as it does to every other beauty blogger, ever. Unfortunately my skin went through an extreme dry spell that almost nothing could fix. I decided it was time for some heavy duty moisturiser to help combat the Sahara desert I was sporting on my face.

At night I would follow through my regular skincare routine but swapped out my regular moisturiser for this and noticed such a difference in under a week. I found it worked best when applied to the dry problem areas and wasn't applied to my t-zone. If I applied it to my t-zone it did clog my pores a bit which was unfortunate but easily fixed.

Now that my skin is looking healthy again I use this twice a week overnight to maintain it's plumpness and healthy glow. Sure it's not the cheapest moisturiser but if your skin is looking dehydrated it's worth picking up.

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