Fairy Biscuits

I vividly remember in kindergarten making fairy biscuits. They were plain biscuits with icing and assorted sweets on top. Using things like sprinkles, smarties, jellybeans, marshmallows, piped icing, coconut and chocolate chips we created things like pigs, frogs and my personal favourite, fairies. I decided to recreate my childhood by making a simpler, pared back version of these biscuits to take to a picnic. I used Arnott's Marie biscuits and some white marshmallows to match the picnic's white theme but you could use absolutely anything and they're so fun and easy to make. I think next I'm going to make some angel biscuits to take to my cousin's 4th birthday.

To make my icing I just use powdered icing sugar, a few drops of water and a few drops of vanilla. You want your icing to be just thick enough to maintain it's shape while it sets. You could colour it using a few drops of food colouring and add whatever you please on top. This is also a great babysitting activity as it doesn't require any cutting or cooking.

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