Autumn Clothing Haul

 I'll take just about any opportunity to go clothes shopping. Weather's changing? Clothes are getting old? Sale? Any of the above. With a little bit of extra cash on hand I decided to pick up some new pieces to warm up my wardrobe for Autumn. Last year I felt like we went straight from Summer to Winter completely skipping my favourite season! Bummer!

I thought I'd show you what I've bought. These pictures I've taken just show the piece I've bought and not particularly how I'd style it. Most of these pieces would be great for layering when the colder weather sets in.

Makeup Bag - Daiso
Sunnies - Sportsgirl
 Nivea Lip Balms in Raspberry Rose and Soft Rose
Rimmel Space Dust in Aurora
Glassons Top Coat*
Clear Phone Case - Daiso
The Fault In Our Stars (I haven't read it yet, please don't hurt me)

Glassons (cardigan)

This is actually from the men's section. I find that jumpers like this tend to be made better for men and the colours tend to be more subdued.

Obviously I love everything I've bought but I'm extremely excited about my purchases from Valleygirl. I find that whenever I buy from there the length is really off. The dresses barely skim the tops of my thighs and the waist is up around my ribs. Unfortunately, Valleygirl, not everyone is 4' 2". I'm not ridiculously tall (5' 7") but this has always been a gripe with Valleygirl's clothes. Until today! I found things that fit! Round of applause for Valleygirl.

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