White Night Festival

 The laneway where we had dinner / The Block Arcade near our hotel

 Outside the hotel / Inside The Block Arcade

Sweet treats / My outfit for the night

 My makeup for the night / Shameless selfie

 Flinders Street Station / Light projections

 More light projections / 'Funhouse'

 Degreaves Street before dawn / Degreaves street just before the breakfast rush

White Night Festival (22nd Feb 2014) is a yearly event in Melbourne where the city is 'lit up' from 7pm until 7am (dusk to dawn) with various lights, music, food, movies and other entertainment. I went along this year and managed to grab a few snaps here and there when I could.

The crowds were absolutely insane, the organizers estimate around 500,000 people crammed into the CBD to enjoy the festivities. I planned as strategically as I could, eating later than normal to avoid the crowds, avoiding the Flinders/Swanston intersection as much as possible and taking a quick nap around 3 am.

All in all I managed to avoid the crowds fairly well and get around quite a bit. The night was really quite enjoyable and I'm looking forward to going next year!