NP Set Eyeshadow Duo

NP Set is not often mentioned in the blogging world. In Australia it is considered a mid-end brand and in terms of pricing is on-par with the likes of Revlon and L'Oreal. I've tried a few things from their range, namely the Contour & Highlight Palette (which I loved!) but I haven't really delved into the product range. Until now.

This little beauty is called Saint Lucia eyeshadow duo. Isn't it gorgeous? Sleek clear and white packaging allowing for streamlined travel and no extra space for a useless brush, fantastic. The deeper brown shade is a warm matte contour shade that sits well in the crease to deepen any eye look, it's also made it's way down my face to the sides of my nose to slim it down a bit. The golden shade is a shimmery shadow with an almost frosty finish to it, great for a bronze or gold eye look.

I find the way I use this little duo the most is with a matte cream coloured shadow swept across the lid with a little of the golden shade blended into the crease. If I feel so inclined I might deepen the look up and add the brown to the outer corner of my eyes for some extra definition. As always these shadows are buttery, soft, pigmented and oh-so easily to blend, just how I like it.

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