Chantecaille Just Skin

Chantecaille, oh so highly lusted after with the price tag to match. My, oh my is this baby expensive, coming in at a wallet whopping $94 this isn't the kind of product to 'just pick up'.

This particular tube I saved all my pennies from my summer job to buy and ended up buying with a gift card instead, fantastic. I'm currently in the shade Glow but with a little Alabaster mixed in it would probably fit me for the winter time too.

So how does it fare? Well it's marketed as an anti-smog tinted moisturiser. I'm not too sure about the anti-smog part because Melbourne isn't actually too bad on that front. It comes in at around $2 per gram, ouch!

How does it fare? Is it worth the money? Well let's start off with the packaging shall we? It's nice and slim so it will fit in your makeup bag without taking up too much space and while it has a nice addition of colour it's in no way tacky or gaudy. It could do with a pump, it'd be a nice addition but I can get along just fine without it.

I tend to blend this in with my fingertips as it's actually quite thick and that gives me a really nice barely-there sheen that evens out my redness and hides any concealer lines. I apply a high coverage concealer on my blemishes and an illuminating one under my eyes underneath this and it gives me a gorgeous natural looking base.

Is it worth the cash? Well I can't find anything quite like it in the drugstore, so if you're in the market for a new tinted moisturiser I'd say go for it!

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