Musical Snippets: Whitaker

Reminiscent of early Coldplay (one of my favourite bands, ever ) this Melbourne-born band consisting of Ryan Meeking, Brett Scapin and Simon Rabl has been a staple in my music collection this past year.

Their newly released EP 'Wichita' has a very grounded vibe and was actually recorded in old halls and convents instead of a traditional recording studio.

It's quite different to their previous (self-titled) LP but in my opinion they are both fantastic albums!

I first learned about this band while on holiday in country Victoria (my home state) in a town called Cobram. I went to a night festival at Thompson's Beach where Whitaker performed live and I was hooked soon after. I missed any announcements telling me who this band was and how to find them and there was poor signage unfortunately but I just had to know. I vividly remember nervously approaching a man at the side of the stage and asking him who these amazing artists were and he told me to look up twilighttaggers on Youtube. The moment I regained internet access I downloaded every one of their songs.

So what songs do I recommend? Every song on their new EP, they're all fantastic. Off their first album? 'I Will Break Your Heart' is a great song, it starts off softly but gets incredibly intense in the first chorus. It is also the most Coldplay-esque song they have produced in my opinion. 'We're Still Saying Nothing' is a great roadtrip song, roof down on the convertible, wind blowing through my hair and this song on the radio? Perfection. Lastly 'Eyes' and 'Slow' are great warming winter-y songs. I had them on repeat during the colder months of 2013.

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