Bourjois Happy Light Foundation

Bourjois Happy Light hit the Australian shelves very closely after it was released in the UK which is absolutely phenomenal as it means I didn't spend months agonizing over wanting to purchase it while watching all my favourite beauty bloggers rave about it. 

As soon as I noticed it was in stock in my local priceline it went straight from shelf to basket and through the till in a blink of the eye. It was only once I got home however that I noticed that the shade 50 did not make it's way down under and I ended up buying shade 51 which was a little dark for my post winter skin.

Once topped up with a little faux glow in the form of St Tropez's Dark Tan Spray it matched quite well. Normally foundations can pull a little too pink or yellow on me because I have a neutral skin tone but this one suited me well, I think!

The first time I wore it I really wasn't too impressed, I had used my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush to apply it and it was thick, cakey, matte and very unnatural looking. I quickly wiped it off and ran for the hills, not to return for a good few weeks. When I revisited it I tried applying it with my fingers and it worked a treat.

It was smooth and creamy, had a little glow without making me look overly oily and had a very natural looking finish. Now I'm not one to go for high-coverage foundations and this is one of the highest coverage foundations I own but I find it's fantastic on nights out with flash photography as I never get 'ghost-face'. It's a little heavy for everyday wear but I make it work.

What do you think about Bourjois foundations?

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