Face Of Australia

I recently decided that I would try and post more on my blog. I've been posting about once a week but I'm thinking of ramping it up to twice a week or maybe even *gasp* three times a week. I know that my blog posting will never be regular and I could never commit to posting everyday but I am trying.

Anyway with that little ramble out of the way I thought I'd do a brand spotlight for this post. This might become a regular thing, yay!

I've chosen to start off with Face Of Australia which doesn't seem to get much hype in the blogging world which is really unfortunate because they are such an amazing brand and they are animal cruelty free! Think high quality low price. I think that if anyone is visiting Australia it is just as important to pick up some make up from this brand is it is to go see the Sydney Harbour Bridge! They're that good.

Ill pick my favourite products from the brand and give each a mini review. On with the products!

This was the only product not featured in the picture above. It is the HD Brow Kit which i've raved about on my youtube channel (www.youtube.com/user/ashleighcalder) for many months. I love using a mix of the two powders but I rarely use the wax as it's fairly pigmented. It comes with a small mirror and a little brush for on-the-go application but tend to use my eco-tools angled brush instead.
This is a new addition to their collection and i'm so happy it is. I personally am loving the lip crayon fad and when I saw these in priceline I had to get some. This one is my favourite, it's the shade Macaron. I find that once the crayon comes into contact with the lips it melts slightly making application light work. The only thing i'm dissapointed in however is the colour range. I believe there are only 3 colours.

Another new release this year is the budge-proof cream shadow. Similar concept to the Maybelline Colour Tattoos but the formula is so different. I love both equally and for different reasons. The pot pictured is in the shade Bronze Sphinx and it is perfect for day to day wear. It's a beautiful sheer wash of colour and I noticed when I apply it the texture is almst a cross between a gel, a cream and an oil. This lasts all day without creasing which is quite a feat in my opinion.
This little beauty is the matte eyeshadow primer. This has gone on underneath every single powder eyeshadow I have worn since I bought it. It's a thick creamy almost concealer-like texture which cancels out any veins or oil and refuses to let my shadow stray from my lids.
Last and certainly not least is my old faithful Impact Curl Mascara. Now I must admit when I first tried it the smell got to me, so much so that the tube got pushed to the back of my mascara drawer and wasn't pulled out again for quite some time. I've raved about this n my channel also but I simply adore the finish it gives. I can't quite explain it, it's just gorgeous.
While penning this post I have realised that there are so many more products from Face Of Australia that I love. I think i'll just quickly list them as they're pretty self explanatory.
-Face Base Primer 3 in 1 with SPF
-Gentle Makeup Remover
-HD Pen Eyeliner
-Regular Liquid Liner
-Blush in Hello Dolly (which may have been limited edition)

After being on the website i'm definitely eyeing up the mineral therapy foundation and their new BB cream. Obsessed? I think so.

Face Of Australia's Website: http://www.faceofaustralia.com.au/

That's all for this post I hope you enjoyed it!

Disclaimer: all products featured in this article were purchased by me and all opinions are my own. All PR samples are denoted with a '*'.