Soap & Glory Hand Food

While perusing the isles of Mecca Cosmetica in Melbourne Central I found myself coming back to the same stand. Soap & Glory. In Australia their scrubs are about $25 and I'm not in the market for another exfoliator so I ended up sniffing their moisturisers.

I spotted Hand Food and decided to try it as Fleur from Fleur DeForce had raved about it previously and I put it on my mental list of things to try.

At only $12 I just had to have it and ended up coming home with it that same day.

Personally I'm quite happy with my L'Occitane hand moisturiser but after trying this one I'm totally converted. My hands are softer than ever and the formulation means that it sinks in quickly. 

I thought I'd quickly mention it smells ah-mazing! So many people have been commenting on how nice I smell recently and I put it all down to this. I use it on my pulse points and let it work it's magic. I don't wear any perfume when I wear this as it conflicts with the scent.