Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer Review

After digging around in my collection I came across this concealer. I have vague memories of putting this in the not-so-great pile. Nevertheless I pulled it out and found out I actually love it!

My skin type has changed a little over the past few months so that's why I think I like it better now. It applies smoothly and is actually really pigmented which I need in an under eye concealer. I wouldn't use this on blemishes due to its oily nature but it is beautiful under the eyes.

I am not a fan of illuminating concealers, I prefer my under eye area to be matte but I like how this one gives a soft glow without leaving me looking like a disco ball.

My only gripe is the applicator, it's not particularly hygienic as you can't wash it but other than that I'm in love!

I wear this on days where I don't want to wear foundation as the finish is so natural. I just whack on a coat of mascara and I'm good to go.