Travel Post

Hey everyone, I haven't posted in a while so I thought I'd do something different to motivate me to post more regularly. I'm doing a travel post, yay!

I've been to loads of places in the last 18 months and I took quite a few snaps. Now I'm in no way a professional photographer and most of these have been taken on my iPhone. I've simply taken snaps of things I want to remember and I thought I'd share them with you.

I've been to places in Australia like Phillip Island, Melbourne, Sydney etc but in May last year I jetted off overseas to have the experience of a lifetime. I visited (in order) Belfast, Isle of Man, London, Isle of Wight, Northern France, Belgium, Paris and then we stopped in at Bangkok in Thailand on the way home where I bought quite a bit of stuff.

Now after those huge paragraphs I'll move on to the pictures.
Local beach in Phillip Island.
Pretty alley way in Belfast.
Surfing at Torquay (with a bit of a tan!)
Electric railway in the Isle Of Man.
Philip the tram horse. So old school :)
I think this is from when we stopped in at Liverpool?
Harrods! Yay!
Yummy morning tea after splurging at Harrods.
Feeding the squirrels in St. James park. I'd never seen a real squirrel before this!
My favourite Costa drink, a strawberries and cream creamy cooler, yum!
Another alley way shot. Did I have an alley obsession or something? I don't know.
The Eiffel Tower. Taken from a tour bus.
Standing under the Eiffel Tower channeling Louis Tomlinson in red shorts and a stripey top.
Standing out the front of the original Chanel. It was closed so we came back later and bought a few things, oooh.
Policemen on roller-skates outside the Louvre.
Pretty gardens.
Some of the padlocks over the river Seine. 
We spent a lot of time in the outdoor cafe in this Parisian garden.
Admiring the temples in Bangkok.
Beautiful ornate ceilings.
Pretty fairie lights in the trees in Docklands, Melbourne.
Melbournian street art.
Hyde Park, Sydney. I'd love to live there.
Super tall bench in Bondi.
And finally, Hyde Park again but this time at night when all of the pretty lights were on. I must be a moth because of my obsession with pretty lights haha!